Warrior Daughter

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Not only is she an award-winning film actress, but also a stage actress, film director, jewelry designer, and prolific writer.

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  • 'The Warrior Daughter' Delves Into a Balinese Icon’s Fighting Spirit!
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  • 'The Warrior Daughter' Delves Into a Balinese Icon’s Fighting Spirit!

The year-old has already authored three books. Her first, a short-story compilation titled " Pulang " "Going Home" , was nominated for the prestigious Khatulistiwa Literary Award in The page book is a biography of the Balinese jewelry maestro Desak Nyoman Suarti. Happy sat down with the year-old jewelry maestro at the workshop and learned of her life story. Suarti was born as the eldest child into a Ksatria warrior family in Pengosekan, Gianyar, Bali, in In , when she was just 10 years old, Suarti won a prestigious dance festival in Bali.

Janet Paisley is the author of five poetry collections, two of short fiction, a novella and numerous plays, radio, TV and film scripts. Her first novel, White Rose Rebel , is available from Penguin. Warrior Daughter. Yazar: Janet Paisley. The doctor raised his eyebrows. From the looks of it, your baby is definitely ready to be born. I'll call a midwife for you.

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After Doctor Hakase left, Chi-Chi lay back on her pillows and sighed. It was not meant to be like this. Goku was supposed to be here, holding her hand and sharing in the excitement of a new baby together.

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Even Gohan should have been here, but he was in the wilderness being abused by a green demon. And Goku was…he was…. Gyumao patted her hand. And at least a new baby will keep you occupied for a while. Pain tore through Chi-Chi's abdomen and she gritted her teeth. The contractions were getting worse. Soon the baby would come and she'd be left to raise it. She and Goku both knew it was a boy.

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He was so excited when she told him, just like a little kid…. How it…um, happens? Damn him, she thought, he was completely unfazed. Goku stood up and pushed away his bowl. Then suddenly he grabbed his wife and gave a big whoop, then swung her around. Chi-Chi laughed, then promptly pushed him away and ran out of the room as nausea rose in her stomach like a wave. As she ran she could hear Goku's voice reverberating through the house. One year was a long time, but her father was right - a new baby would keep her hands full. And when Goku and Gohan finally returned at the end of the year, they would get to meet him.

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Chi-Chi cried out as another contraction gripped her. She took long deep breaths, fought the pain and gave the nurse a weak smile. Chi-Chi gulped down the water, nearly choking as another contraction tore through her. There was a horrible shrieking sound as her father pulled his chair across the linoleum floor to her bed side. Her hand was lost in his massive fingers.

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Some time passed; Chi-Chi was by now far too distracted to care how long, but it seemed like an eternity. And finally in the late afternoon, her and Son Goku's second child came kicking and screaming into the world like Gohan had, four short years before.

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I did it! She thought, and let her eyes close. When she opened them a few moments later, she saw the back of the nurse as she bathed the baby. On my husband's side. My first son was born with one as well. Suimono turned around. She was cradling the baby, who was swaddled in a pink blanket.

She took the baby from the midwife. After a few moments the nurse left the room and there was a sudden silence. Both father and daughter took the time to study the baby in front of them. Her face was bruised from the trauma of birth, but she had a mop of thick black hair that stood up in spikes and tiny starfish hands. Black eyes stared from underneath puffy eyelids. She looked exactly like Gohan when he was a baby, but Chi-Chi supposed that would change. A girl. She had always wanted a daughter.

Of course she loved Gohan with all of her being - but here was someone she could share an understanding with.

Warrior Daughter

And at least she wouldn't be obsessed with fighting like her father. Gyumao laughed and gently brushed a lock of hair off the baby's face. The newborn had drifted off to sleep, snuffling occasionally. Chi-Chi felt like sleeping too, but first she wanted to name the child.

But what to name her? She wanted Goku to share in this moment, too. After all, it had been his idea to name Gohan after his grandfather. The name Gohan was special. Chi-Chi wanted her second child's name to be special, too.

Gyumao stroked the baby's head for a moment. His massive hand was almost twice the size of her head, Chi-Chi noted with amusement. You named Gohan after Goku's grandfather. Wouldn't it be appropriate to name your first daughter after her? Chi-Chi stared down at the baby for a moment.

Welcome to the family. Little Chiyo's fingers latched onto her mother's thumb with a grip of iron.