The Sensory Physiology of Aquatic Mammals

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This book is actually a product of efforts of many people, not only of the authors. W ide investigations of marine mammals began in Russia that time, in the former Soviet Union in the s when a few teams of enthusiasts founded in captivity experimental stations intended for keeping dolphins and seals and for performing experimental studies of these fascinating animals.

It was a time when attention of many people throughout the world was attracted to dolphins and other marine mammals due to appearance of oceanariums and dolphinariums, which demonstrated unique capabilities of these animals. So scientists in many countries concentrated on studies of them. There was much to learn about the morphology, physiology, and psychology of marine mammals, and investigators spending their time and efforts on studies in this field were rewarded by a number of surprising findings.

The authors of this book represent one of such research teams focused on the neuro- and sensory physiology of marine mammals. A few decades of studies naturally resulted in the idea to summarize in a book both the results of these studies and a large body of data in adjacent fields. Our goal was to synthesize the many research findings and the present knowledge on sensory capabilities and mechanisms of sensory systems of aquatic mammals. Images Additional images.

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals - 3rd Edition

About this book Presents current findings in the study of the sensory functions of aquatic mammals, with an emphasis on hearing, vision, and somatic senses. Contents Preface. Customer Reviews Review this book. Current promotions.

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Sensory biology of aquatic mammals

Other titles from Kluwer. About the Author J. Reviews "A 'state of the science' exposition and synthesis of sensory organ evolution, discussed in a phylogenetic context. This is a source book of basic knowledge on the comparative anatomy and physiology of the senses, and a 'must read' for all biologists interested in the way animal sense organs, ecology, and evolution interact. There is no better way to study secondarily aquatic adaptations by vertebrates of terrestrial ancestry than by analyses of the function and evolution of their sensory organs and systems.

This remarkable volume, drawing from diverse studies of sensory systems in the context of evolutionary analyses, offers a first-rate integration of evolutionary studies with studies of sensory functional adaptation. Each case of land vertebrates returning to aquatic life represents an independent run of a similar evolutionary experiment. Studies of these examples in convergent evolution are powerful tools to unveil the common processes at work in evolutionary transition. Thewissen and Nummela have compiled the best summaries of very diverse topics, all framed by the rigorous study of evolution.