Managing European Union Enlargement

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From Diversity to Unity?

Since its first enlargement in , expansion has become a way of life for the EU. The current round of enlargement is, however, unprecedented in its scale, in the diversity of applicants, and in the impact on EU structures The current round of enlargement is, however, unprecedented in its scale, in the diversity of applicants, and in the impact on EU structures and policies. This major new text brings together specially commissioned chapters to provide a coherent and comprehensive assessment of the historical and theoretical context of enlargement and its implications for the identity, governance, economics, policies and international role of the EU.

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Future EU enlargement: fit-for-purpose accession negotiation mechanisms needed

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What did the EU enlargement mean for 'social Europe'?

The EEB is offering its cooperation to environmental organisations in these countries in order to help them benefit from opportunities presented by European environmental standards. Directives, Regulations and Decisions on environmental law to be implemented by future EU members or those that want to work closer with the European Union.

Enlargement and Neighbourhood. Environmental Justice.

Enlargement and neighbourhood The countries in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that aspire to one day join the European Union will need to bring their environmental policies close to those of the EU. North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Turkey, the official candidate countries, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo as potential candidates, need to overcome a wide range of environmental challenges such as air and water pollution, land degradation, waste management and the loss of biodiversity before joining the EU.

The ENV. Library for Enlargement and Neighbourhood.

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