Hematology Basic Principles and Practice

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Hematology, Basic Principles and Practice, 2nd ed. Hoffman, E. Benz, Jr.

7th Edition

Shattil, et al. This second edition provides a complete summary of the many aspects of hematology.

One of the real strengths of the book is the page, four-column index, which greatly facilitates using the book as a quick reference when a question arises. This reviewer kept the book on his desk for 3 mo and referred to it regularly for answers to clinical questions presented in the course of a busy anesthesia practice.

New Edition of Hematology: Basic Principles and Practice Now Available - The ASCO Post

The information provided in each case was easy to find and quite adequate, although there was no discussion of "type-and-screen. In this edition, the editors acknowledged the growing importance of transfusion medicine as a distinct subspecialty within hematology by the appointment of a blood bank director to the editorial board. Sixteen chapters deal exclusively with transfusion medicine, and, together with the chapter section on Hemostasis and Thrombosis, will be of most interest to anesthesiologists.

However, there is much more to be gained from referring to this book. In particular, the section on Consultative Hematology is a valuable contribution, especially the chapter "Hematologic Problems in the Surgical Patient: Bleeding and Thrombosis.