Dark Needs at Nights Edge

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To a man, they got that anxious expression as though they were wondering whether madness was catching.

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Or rattle something in the attic? Conrad glanced from them to her, and back again. Conrad considered explaining why she was so exhausted, but thought that would only make things worse. Intense male. She stifled a whimper.

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He stared down into her eyes, making her feel like she was drowning in fire. But only by you. Tired of being alone and restricted to her manor, she makes a decision, taking this story on an exciting turn. Forever or for just a moment in time…she is determined to experience Conrad for real.

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I finished this book yesterday,,,on my day off while doing laudray and as i hated taking the breaks to load reload from machine to dryer,,i did manage to finish the book and the laundry,,lol so far out of this series,,I have loved this story the most…The most humorous part,,was when he was screaming at the bed sheets…according to his brothers anyway…i felt sorry sooooo sorry for conrad,,but i couldnt help but picture the image in my head,,,i had to giggle….

I was like you how a ghost? Cole,,to wident your eyes and scoot u up to edge of your seat,,to read what happens next..

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I have 4 girls of my own,,my oldest 14 and my youngest 6 and I could not imagine.. Im kind of axious to read a story of one of the demons,,so far we have read about the wolves,,the vamps, the valkery, but not much on demons,,anyway,,,as always thanks for sharing.. Oooh I have one more I think, to read in this series. One of my favorites is one of the demon books.

Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, Book 4) - PDF Free Download

The horns!!! Wait until you read that part!

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Not tonight… At twilight, she found herself making her way to him as if pulled by an invisible string. Part of Immortals After Dark.

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    Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, Book 4)

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